Matings / Puppies

With a lot of passion and love for the leonberger, we occasionally breed a litter of leonberger puppies, which are raised in our home with a lot of care and devotion; of course according to the breeding rules of the leonberger dog club nederland.

The leonbergerpuppies are well socialised, with among other things noise stimuli, from fireworks, engine noises, thunder, hot air balloon, etc etc, and a huge amount of toys, always varying according to their age; and when they are old enough along in the car.

From 5 weeks puppy visits until 9 weeks; so they experience a lot of people.

The leonberger puppies are microchipped and fully dewormed and vaccinated before 9 weeks of age.
They will be registered with the Raad van Beheer in the NHSB.

For questions and information you can always mail us or call 0612032732 / 0487572914

The puppies of Bubbles and Marlowe were born they are 5 females and 1 male.

Today ultrasound made.

Bubbels (NED Youth Champion & Dutch Champion Rosaceae Hymenocallis) is pregnant.

If everything else goes well, the Leonberger puppies will be born around 24 May.

We have been busy, because today our bubbles (NED Youth Champion & Dutch Champion Rosaceae Hymenocallis) LPN1, LPN2, LEMP, LPPN3 N/N, HD-A, eye test, character test was mated by Marlow (Alfross Romabo Harper)LPN1,LPN2, LEMP, LPPN3 N/N, HD-A, eye test.