Previous Matings / Puppies

Zinzi (Rosaceae Kentia) is mated with Delphi (Rosaceae Hippurus)
Both animals are LPN1 & LPN2, LPPN3 free HD-A, Eye test perfect.
Zinzi Lemp D/N and Delphi Lemp N/N

Today bubbles (rosaceae hymenocallis) was mated by delphi ( rosaceen hippurus),
they liked each other very much and the mating went very quickly and smoothly. Now wait and have an ultrasound done in a month.
Both dogs are clear of LPN1&2, LPPN3 and LEMP, HD-A, eye test perfect.

Had an ultrasound done today at Alba, and she is pregnant, but she is only expecting a few leonberger puppies, so we are waiting to see what is born.
Zinzi will soon be in heat, and we want to have her mated.

Today Alba (rosacea Icmadophila) is HD B, LPN1,2 N/N, lppn3 N/N, lemp N/N, eyes tested, prop. N. van Lobenstein was mated by Broer (Rosaceae Oreocereus)

Today our Passion (rosaceeën hepatica) has been mated by Dante (Rosaceae gymnocladus) and Wopper (rosaceae Hieracium)

Made an ultrasound today, Rosaceae Opuntia is GOOD PREGNANT.

Today Zusje ( rosaceae opuntia) HD  A, eye test, LPN1&2 N/N, LEMP D/N, LPPN3 N/N was mated to Fejo Ager Trifolium HD A, ED 0, LPN 1, LPN 2, LEMP, LPPN3 N/N. owner Ewa Jaras ( Poland).



today an ultrasound was made and our Passion (Rosaceae Hepatica) she is very pregnant!

today Passion (Rosaceae Hepatica) HD A, LPN1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, eyes tested
was mated by Bodo (Rosaceae Durio) HD A, LPN1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, eyes tested.
We hope that when we make an ultrasound in 4 weeks, there will be puppies to be seen.


Today we had an ultrasound done at Bubbels (Hymenocallis rosaceae) and she is very pregnant. The father of this litter is Hjamu löwe von silvestersee.
This will be their first litter for both.

Today is our Bubbles (Rosaceae Hymenocallis) Dutch Youth Champion, and Dutch Champion, HD-A, LPN 1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, FSK, exterior ok, eyes test ok.
mated by Hjamu (Hjamu löwe vom Silvestersee) HD-A, LPN1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, FSK, exterior ok, eyes tested.
In 4 weeks we will have an ultrasound, his sperm has been tested and that was great, so we are very hopeful for puppies.