Rosaceae J-litter 2017



ReŁnieon of the Rosaceae J-litter. Not everybody was present, but still enough friends to play with. And the weather was good.
Dam of the litter is Rosaceae Nadja, sire Mistraleon eizan-akai.

29-04-2017 de pups gaan steeds weer nieuwe dingen ontdekken, 7 weken oud.


already 6 weeks old and wiser.


14-04-2017 Alreday nearly 5 weeks old, time flies by.
Eating is a lotr better, they don't use their whole body anymore.
It are already real small Leonbergers. .


09-04-2017 4 weeks old today, for the first time outdoors and the first visits of the new puppy owners.
The weather was excellent.

01-04-2017 Already 3 weeks old, eating on their own, but still using their whole body. Will be better in a few days. Starting to play and walk.


nadja and ei-zan 's pups are already 2 weeks old. , they grow well. Giving extra bottles takes much time, but they will be able to eat meat in short time.


Still two males looking for a good home.
Tonight the pups of Nadja ( Rosaceae Tweedia ) and Ei-zan ( Mistraleon ei-zan akai) were born.They are 9 males and 3 females, all good weights and lively.