21-10-2019 Today, HOPE (Rosaceae Kolkwitchia: Rosaceae Durio X Cleo's mambo millie van de Kentering)  has been mated o WOPPER (Rosaceae Hieracium: Knockando's xo imperial lucky X Rosaceae zannichellia).


31-08-2019  Today our Deville (Rosaceae Grevillea) was mated by our Dante (Rosaceae Gymnocladus),
We hope to know in three weeks, after the ultrasound, whether she is pregnant.


26-12-2018 Already a wek old, going strong..


After 1350 km in rain, wind and at least 80 tunnels in Switzerland and Italy, we arrived in a village next to Monaco (southern France). (A beautiful rough area with agave, palm trees and tropical sea air, but where you do not waqnt to drive with a Mercedes Benz sprinter raised and extended, because the roads are not made for )Where our jenka (Rosaceae Gazania) was mated by Jabber ( Jabberwocky'h spicy honey du temple dártemis).
Also with her is waiting for the ultrasound, but we hope for puppies!
COI 10 gen. 2,285  30 gen. 27,640


the summer months skipped for matings (far too hot for the dogs), but now it's going to be winter, Passie (Rosaceae Hepatica)  was mated today by our Dante (Rosaceae Gymnocladus). We will make an ultrasound in 4 weeks.
COI 10 gen 5,265 , COI  30 ge 31,167


24-03-2018 Made ultrasounds of Juwel ( Rosaceae Zannichellia) and Deville  ( Rosaceeën Grevillea), hip hip hurray, both are pregnant.


Vandaag is Rosaceeën Grevillea ( deville) HD – A, LPN 1 & 2 N/N , LEMP N/N ogentest OK, karaktertest en exterieurkeuring OK.gedekt door Dragongardens wild one ( Bob)HD-A, LPN1&2 N/N, LEMP N/N, ogentest OK, karaktertest en exterieurkeuring OK.
Eigenaar Mieke en Bert Elshof.


vandaag is Rosaceae zannichellia ( Juwel) HD-A, LPN1&2 N/N. LEMP N/N, ogentest OK, karaktertest en exterieurkeuring OK gedekt door Rosaceae Durio  (Bodo) HD-A, LPN 1&2 N/N, LEMP N/N, ogentest OK, karaktertest en exterieurkeuring  OK, ED-O



Today the pups from Aisja ( Rosaceae Rosa ) X Mink ( Rosaceeën Gladiolus) were born, they are 3 females. Mother and pups are doing well.

14-12-2017 Made an ultrasound today, Aisja is pregnant. We  are happy and hope for a nice litter. Sire is Rosaceeën Gladiolus.
13-11-2017 Rosaceae Rosa ( Aisja) was mated today by Rosaceae Gladiolus ( Mink).  
We'll do an utrasound half  December to look if she is pregnant.

Made an ultrasound today.And yes, Chiqane ( Cleo’s Mambo Millie van de Kentering)  is pregnant..
The embryos look well developped, we are looking froward to a nice litter.




Today our Bodo ( Rosaceae Durio) HD.A, LPN 1&2 N/N, EYE TEST, TEMPERAMENT TEST, CONFORMATION TEST mated for the first time
our female Chiqane ( Cleo’s mambo millie van de kentering) HD.A, LPN 1 & 2 N/N, EYE TEST, TEMPERAMENT TEST CONFORMATION TEST.
We hopen to have pups end of July.





Made utlrasound of Nadja ( Rosaceae Tweedia) today.
She is very pregnant.
So happy with this good news!


Drove a long through the snow to the South of France today foir a mating of our  Nadja (Rosaceae Tweedia)  by Mistraleon ei-zan akai, owner Denis Vernon.




Aaisja ( rosaceae rosa) X harvest ( skjaergaardens harvest of elfheim )
pups have been born. Mother and pups are doing well. z



Today juwel ( rosaceae zannichellia) x  lucky  (knockando’s xo imperial lucky) pups were born. They are 6 femaqles and 5 males. Mother and pups are doing well.



Made ultrasounds today of Aisja ( Rosaceae rosa) and Juwel ( Rosaceae zannichellia).Both are pregnant.  So  very happy with this news!

13-08-2016 We drove a little into France to a great partner for Ayesha (Rosaceae Rosa HD-A, LPN 1 & 2 N / N, eye test OK, FSK NL)
Ayesha has been mated by Harvest (Skjaergaardens harvest for elfheim LPN 1 & 2 N / N. HD-A, FSK FR).
In about 4 we'll don an ulttrasound tto know if this lady in joyful expectation.

10-08-2016 Excellent weather and good air conditioning in the bus, so on the way to France where it is very hot (35 degrees) for a cover Juwel (Rosaceae Zannichellia LPN 1 & 2 N / N. HD-A, eyes test OK, FSK NL) with
Knockando's XO Imperial lucky LPN 1 & 2 N / N, HD-A, ED OK, FSK FR.
Juwel lucky and very quickly found each other like, now we hope for puppies in 9 weeks!

12-02-2016 Suspense.............. made ultrasounds today of chigane ( cleo's mambo millie van de kentering) and muze  ( zir ozzy's pretty women von tulips).
Both are pregnant!!
We are so happy.

Echo chigane

Echo Muzez


MUZE ( Ned. Jeugdkamp, europa Jugendsieger, NEDERLANDS & LUX KAMPIOEN zir ozzy’s pretty women von tulips ) HD C, LPN1&2 N/N, ogentest, karaktertest
is gedekt door
HELKI ( Namupalan bling baiser fils) HD A, LPN 1 &2 N/N , franse karaktertest


CHIQANE ( NEDERLANDS KAMPIOEN cleo’s mambo millie van de kentering) HD A, LPN 1&2 N/N, ogentest, karaktertest is
gedekt door
HARVEST ( Skjaergaardens harvest for elfheim) HD A/B, LPN 1 & 2 N/N, franse karaktertest.

25-11-2015 The pups of  Nadja ( rosaceae tweedia) X Vlo (Vallantine Vlo vom Lowengarten) zhave been born.
This  Rosaceae F-litter consists of 4 males and 4 females. Mother and pups are doing well.

vandaag is onze Nadja ( Rosaceae tweedia) HD A, LPN 1 & 2 N/N , karaktertest, exterieurkeuring, Oogonderzoek, compleet gebit,gedekt door Vlo ( Vallantine Vlo vom Lowengarten) HD A. LPN 1 & 2 N/N, ZTP, compleet gebit eigenaar andrea Passen (DTS)

We hopen rond 27.11.15 pupjes te krijgen


Belle ( rosaceae iris ) X  Helki ( namupalan bling baiser fils)'s pups have been born on 07/07/2015., they  are more than expectred.
5 boys and 6 girls were born. Mother and pups are well ! Werights between 500 and 690 grs. 

There are still some females avaiulable.

Click for photos


Thez pups of Aisja (Rosaceae Rosa) X khaimas’Christmas Nanoq  were born, the first came on 0.05 am, the last one on 5 am.!

They are 5 males and 1 bitch. Birth weights 620-750 grams.
Motrher and pups are doing well.



04-06-2015 We did an ultrasound with Belle ( rosaceae iris), she is pregnant. 

According to todfay's ultrasound aisja ( rosaceae rosa) she is pregnant. We are verey happy !
The combination is Rosaceae rosa X khaimas’christmas nanoq





Today Rosaceae Iris ( belle) has been mated by Namupalan bling baiser fils (helki) in le Foeil ( france). COI 5.0
Drove 1800 km in 2 days, but it was a good mating. The dogs liked each other very much. Thank you Lola for your warm welcome.

Both parents HD-A, LPN1&2 free, Breeding ability check and complete denture



Rosaceae Rosa was mated today by Khaimas’christmas nanoq.
Both are HD.A – LPN 1 N/N + LPN 2 N/N – breeding ability check, complete denture.
COI of this combination over 10 generations 4,64%

khaimas christmas nanoq

Rosacea Rosa



Made today an ultrasound of star (rosaceae nonnea) and yes, yippee, she is pregnant.
Dog Father is Flinn (Rosaceae Juncelles).
Rosaceae Nonnea is HD-A, LPN 1 and 2 free, eye test free, exterior test and temeprament test OK, teeth complete,
Rosaceae Juncelles (NJK, Dutch, luxembourg, international champion, German Club Champion, VDH Champion, bundessieger'14, club winner in 2013 and 2014.
HD-A, LPN1 and 2 free, eye test free, temperament test  and exterior OK, teeth complete, dna profile.
See also the recent photos of star and Flinn.
Puppies are expected in December


We got a nice picture of Ada Binnekade, kennel van de Kenetring, on 08:04:14  a litter of 4 females and 1 male was born;
Father Dog: kwenobe Balfen Shiku (Sweden) X Lion mother dog Lord Captive Spirit (Import England)
Mother Dog Cleo and pups are doing fine! Congratulations ADA with this litter.

There are still some females available.


Took some new picutres of both litters today.


on 05.02.2014 the pups are born of Rosaceae Rosa dutch youth champion( HD-A, LPN1-free, eyetest, charactertest,exterieurtest) X Radiant star's adonis arosaceae ( HD-A, LPN1-free, eyetest, charactertest, exterieurtest). we have 5 males and 6 females and all were very quick born ( in 5 hours)
now we have one litter in the livingroom with me and the litter of iris in another room with henk, so everything is in controle. (7

It is the Rosaceae B-litter……..
There are still pups available !.........


The pups of  Rosaceae Iris  and Rosaceae Juncelles have been born, 1 male and  8 females. Belle and pups are doing well. (see rosaceae a-litter 2014)

RosaceaeIiris (Belle) Dutch youth champion, Dutch champion, Luxemburg Champion, Luxemburgs kampioen,
HD-A, LPN-frfee, eye test free, complete denture,  temperament test passed, confrimation test passed. 

Rosaceae Juncelles ( Flinn)  Dutch youth champion, Dutch champion, Luxemburg Champion, Luxemburgs kampioen, LG Jugendsieger Hunxe.
HD-A, LPN-frfee, eye test free, complete denture,  temperament test passed, confrimation test passed, DNA-profiled.

There are still some pups available.


Fjalar vom Löwengarten's pups were born today.
It are 4 boys and 3 girls.
Mother and pups are doing well.
Sire is Namupalan Toivon Hurmuri (Hewi).
This is the Rosaceae Z-litter. Klik voor foto's van het z-nest


Today we made an ultrasound of Fjalar and hurray................
she is pregnant!


Nederlands, Luxemburgs, Belgisch, VDH, Deutsch Club, Jeugdwinner, Winster 2010, Internationaal kampioen,JG sottrum 2008, LG jugendsieger nord 2008, Bundesjugendsieger 2008, LG sieger Saarland 2009, BG hamburg 2009, Clubmatch winster  Belgie 2009, Clumatch winster Spanje 2009, Clubsiegerin  Leonberg 2009, Hopkoningin Wieze 2009 en 2010, BG sieger Rhein-Ruhe 2010, Clubsieger Baden-würtemburg 2010, brussels winster 2010  Fjalar vom Lowengarten  has been mated by Noors kampioen, fins Kampioen , Fins Clubshow winner ’10, Noors Clubshow best male ’12, Oostenrijks Clubshow best male ’12  Namupalan toivon hurmuri ( HEWY). eigenaar mira rioine     



22-04-2013 Rosaceae Dicentra's litter was born on 20-04-2013, 4 males and 5 females, this is the  Rosaceae W-litter.
Click for photos of the W-litter

Rosaceae Ephedra's litter was born on 22-04-201, this is the Rosaceae X-litter.
COI  (10 generations) of this combination is 3.89
Click for photos of the X-litter



Muze ( zir ozzy’s pretty women von tulips) has been mated by Svenne ( Lejonklippans V Sex), owner Satu Korkeakallio (FINLAND).


Today we made an ultrasound of  Rosaceae Dicentra and (Rosaceae Ephedra) Both are pregnant !! 
Adonis did a good job.


Tonight the Rosaceae Calendula ( Opaal ) X Gefahrte Aragon von der Wetterspitze (Aragon) weer born. It are 2 females and 2 males.
Mother and pups are doing very well!

Klik voor foto's van het v-nest


Rosaceae Ephedra
( =  rauol  du manoir de lowenberg ( FR ) X Rosaceae silene (NL)) 
was mated today by
Radiant star’s adonis arosaceae
( = Fiva’s charg ( N)  X Knockando’s precious piemonte (S) )





Rosaceae Dicentra
(= Sjo-bjornens orakel (S)  X  sjo bjornens Yin-Yasmine (S))
was maetd today by
Radiant star’s adonis arosaceae
(= Fiva’s Chard (N)  X Knockando’s precious piemonte (S)).


Today we made an ultrasound of Opaal  (Rosaceae Calendula).
She is pregnant!!



The pups of Rosaceeën Dielytra (Dutch and Luxemburg Champ, LG Sieger MV)  X Rosaceae Juncelles (Dutch and Luxemburg champ, Dutch youth champ., jgs Hunxe)  were born.

4 males and 2 females. Mother and children are doing well.

Klik voor foto's van het Rosaceeen F-nest


Our Opaal ( Rosaceae Calendula )HD-A, LPN1 N/N was mated today to  Gefahrte Aragon von der Wetterspitze.HD-A, LPN1 N/N.





Dutch champion+ Lux Champion  Rosaceae Iris( our Belle) got 7 puppies, 4 males and 3 females. 
Father is NJK + Ned.Kampioen+ Lux.Kampioen  Rosaceae Juncelles
( ourFlinn).
Mother and pups are doing well!
Click for pictures of the u-litter


Nederlands Kampioen + NJK’11  BELLE  (Rosaceae Iris) was mated today by Nederlands Kampioen + NJK’11 + Jugendsieger Hunxe ’11   FLINN  (Rosaceae Juncelles)




Zea (Rosaceae Zea) gave birth to 2 dogs and 4 bitches.
Sire is Norris  ( Amicus Optimus Antonius).
Birth weights are between 600 and 700 gram.
            Mother and pups are doing well!

Click for picutres of the t-litter


Rosaceae Ephedra ( Myrrhe) gave birth to 8 males and 1 female.
Sire is Rosaceae Juncelles ( Flinn).
The brith weight is between 700 en 800 gram , it are nice stout puppies who do very well !

Click for pictures of the s-litter


Our Rosaceae Zea ( cazll name Zea) was mated today to Amicus Optimus Antonius, owner N.Kuharskaya ( Russia)
He is : Junior champion Russia, junior champion Lithuania, junior champion  Nat. Club, champion RKF,  Russian champion, Great champion of Russia,  champion of  Belorussia, champion of Slovenia, champion of  Lithuania, finnish   2010, HeW 2010, Eurasia champion 2011, National club champion, Ukraine champion, Estonia champion, FCI Jahrhundertsieger 2011, VDH Europasieger 2011
and …………………… WORLDCHAMPION 2011

6-4-2012: She is pregnant



Our Rosaceae Ephedra( myrrhe) LPN1N/N, HD-A, eye test free, Mag-test, exterior LHCN, was mated to our dog Rosaceae Juncelles( Flinn).NJK, jugensieger Hunxe ’11, LPN1 N/N, HD-A, eye test free, temperament test,  extreior LHCN
We'll do an ultrasound in 4 weeks time to see if she is pregnant..

Rosaceae Juncelles

6-4-2012: She is pregnant

Rosaceae Ephedra


Lionslord Captive Spirit ( Cleo) ownerr Ada Binnekade was mated to Norwegian, Finnish, an Swedish Champion   Gep’s Big Bear’s Peace.