Rosaceae D-litter 2015.


Very nice weather, but very wet meadow for a rfeunion of trhe pups from the D- and E litters. Then you recognize the real dirty ones.

Super dogs with super temperaments, so nice to see them play and run.


Een teefje van het Rosaceae D-nest is nu 8 weken oud en nog op zoek naar een nieuwe eigenaar.sire is Khaimas christmas nanoq X  moeder is Rosaceae Rosa.


New photos.
Rosaceae D-litter 7 weeks of age:


Very nice weather, with the pups in the meadow.
They are now 6 weeks old and nicely naughty.



New pictures of the Rosaceae D-litter 2015 , now 5 weeks old.
They love to play with us. 



The  D-litter is now 4 weeks, they cazn play outsidfe in the daytime.
Today many puppy prospects paid a visit.




Took new photos of the pups of aisja X nanoq gemaakt, 3 weeks old



Aisja and nanoq's pups now eat a meat ball from the hand. and the alrady lick milk from a cupboard, but don't ask how....
It is enjoyment witrh the whole body !


Aisja ( rosaceae rosa) X Nanoq ( khaimas christmas nanoq)'s pups start walking and eating meat balls from the hand.