Rosaceae T-litter 2020


The puppies are 9 weeks old, have received the second vaccination and will fly out the weekend to their new owner who cannot wait for the puppy to arrive!
Have fun with your puppy, enjoy it it's so big !!

Already 8 weeks old and more and more active, faster and more entrepreneurial.

7 1/2 weeks old and making fun with the ram!

Last weekend thick in the snow and -15 degrees, now thick in the sense and + 15 degrees. How can it be!

Nice walk on the driveway, which is now snow-free.

Another weekend full of visitors for the puppies, they really enjoy it, the more people who want to hug you, the better!

Already 5 weeks old and now outside during the day, more space and toys, but who would have ever expected it to snow so badly this weekend?

Already 4 weeks old, they realy want to play with each other.

They are already 3 weeks old, and already eat meat mixed with replacement breastmilk 4x a day, mothers also regularly come by for the much-needed vitamins and antibodies. Yesterday we slept in our own bed for the first time again and passion in the hallway, so the nights are without mother dog, but with brothers and sister in the large loft in the living room, it is also fine

We have arrived in phase 2, eating a ball of meat (ground beef) yourself, which is not so easy if you only have a slurp technique, but one learns by doing!

Already 11 days old, great belly up with mothers.

Passie (rosacee├źn hepatica) X Bodo (rosaceae durio) pups were born today. It are 6 males and 4 females, they are doing well.