Rosaceae S-litter 2020


Finally .... it can meet again, without a mouth cap.
Had the reunion of the Rosaceae S-litter today ( rosaceae hymenocallis X hjamu von silverstersee).
10 months old, and already whole dogs. It's great how they play and romp with each other.
A homogeneous litter, with great temperaments.



today the last puppies to leave our house, now it is up to the puppy owners to socialize further. and make a great dog out of it. as a puppy they are already great!


Today a puppy visit at an appropriate distance, but luckily there is enough space, next weekend they will 'fly out'!

dry weather, no wind, and delicious stamping in the meadow, where everything can be found, walnuts, chestnuts and leaves


this week, between the showers, going for a walk with the puppies, inspecting a new pasture every day, and they like everything.

the puppies of bubbels x hjamu are doing very well, they are playing, romping, and growing around.
Already 6 weeks old

today puppy visit from the new owners, all out in the room, and the puppies love the grass.

Aready 4 weeks old, for the first time in the outdoor pupuy area.

already 3 weeks old, eating independently, barking, playing, walking, sleeping and defecating that it is a sweet pleasure /
They are already real Leonbergers. Now only learn to eat properly!


18 day old puppies, who tried to eat independently from the dishes for the first time today.
Mind you, tried, because they make a mess, luckily some meat comes in with replacement breast milk and they can sleep peacefully again. The eyes are open and they are already starting to play and walk with each other. tomorrow the shelf for the whelping box, and then the whole loft to discover. At night I still sleep there because every 2 hours mother gets a different group of bubbles to feed. We will also reduce this this week so that there is rest at night and I sleep in my own bed.

he puppies from Bubbels X Hjamu are already 11 days old and have doubled their birth weight, they are very satisfied because Bubbels has enough milk and is a super mother.

last night the puppies of Bubbels X Hjamu were born,
There are 6 males and 4 females, all very good in weight (500-750 grams).
Mother and puppies are doing well.

Today we had an ultrasound done at Bubbels (Hymenocallis rosaceae) and she is very pregnant. The father of this litter is Hjamu lwe von silvestersee.
This will be their first litter for both.

Today is our
Bubbles (Rosaceae Hymenocallis) Dutch Youth Champion, and Dutch Champion, HD-A, LPN 1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, FSK, exterior ok, eyes test ed.
mated by
Hjamu (Hjamu lwe vom Silvestersee) HD-A, LPN1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, FSK, exterior ok, eyes tested.
In 4 weeks we will have an ultrasound, his sperm has been tested and that was great, so we are very hopeful for puppies.