Rosaceae P-litter 2019
19-10-2019 the reunion of the O and P litters of 2019,
almost all of them were present, looked good, and had nice characters. Nice dogs to have !!

24-03-2019 Today, 4 happy puppies were picked up by their happy owners, and Jenka's puppies were visited again
Great weather to be in the meadow with the puppies

finally the sun is back and it is dry, playing outside in the meadow.

16-03-2019 A lot of visitors but again great fun all that attention and cuddling!

14-03-2019 Always nice to be in the house.


Again a whole afternoon with visitors


the pups of jenka are also ready to start / feast on the ball



dThe pups from jenka X jabber



The pups of Jenka (Rosaceae Gazania) X Jabber (Jabberwocky'h spicy honey du temple d'artemis).have been born. There are 7 males and 4 females (between 600 - 700 grams) and they are doing well.
(Rosaceae P-litter 2019)


After 1350 km in rain, wind and at least 80 tunnels in Switzerland and Italy, we arrived in a village next to Monaco (southern France). (A beautiful rough area with agave, palm trees and tropical sea air, but where you do not waqnt to drive with a Mercedes Benz sprinter raised and extended, because the roads are not made for )Where our jenka (Rosaceae Gazania) was mated by Jabber ( Jabberwocky'h spicy honey du temple dártemis).
Also with her is waiting for the ultrasound, but we hope for puppies!
COI 10 gen 2,285  30 gen 27,640