Rosaceae O-litter 2019

19-10-2019 the reunion of the O and P litters of 2019,
almost all of them were present, looked good, and had nice characters. Nice dogs to have !!

24-03-2019 Today, 4 happy puppies were picked up by their happy owners, and Jenka's puppies were visited again
Great weather to be in the meadow with the puppies

finally the sun is back and it is dry, playing outside in the meadow.

16-03-2019 A lot of visitors but again great fun all that attention and cuddling!

14-03-2019 Always nice to be in the house.


Again a whole afternoon with visitors


Now the pups of passion themselves have to eat from the puppy dish, delicious, the whole body is covered


the pups of passion are first given a beef meatball dipped in the replacement breast milk, incredible to see how they react to this, a big party!



The pups from Passie  X Dante


Tonight the puppies of passion (rosaceae hepatica) and Dante (Rosaceae gymnocladus) were born, They are 2 females and 6 males. Mother and pups are doing very well.


the summer months skipped for matings (far too hot for the dogs), but now it's going to be winter, Passie (Rosaceae Hepatica)  was mated today by our Dante (Rosaceae Gymnocladus). We will make an ultrasound in 4 weeks.