Rosaceae N-litter 2018

15-09-2019 reunion of the Rosaceae-Litter of Nadje X Delphi, 2 bitches and 2 males present,
There was a lot of playing, so in the evening the owner will have a very quiet dog at their feet!


our daily walk from the puppy room to the driveway, to the house



The puppies from Nadja are already 7 Ĺ weeks old, just a little bit longer and they fly out.



Walked comfortably on the driveway, it does not make much impression, even though a tractor is very large driving past.


02-02-2019 again a lot of visitors for the puppies of Nadja, now already 6 weeks old, getting awake longer and busier, something that is of course great for the visit.



The playing gets more intense.
Now 5 weeks old.

21-01-2019 Today for the second day during the day outside and for the first time a puppy visit.
They were very active and enterprising, the toys were popular.


12-01-2019 The puppies of nadja and delphi are now 3 weeks old and are starting to play with each other. They use the entire loft in the living room, so a lot of newspapers are used
Call: bring newspapers when you come to visit  the puppies !!!

08-01-2019 already almost 3 weeks old, and can already eat independently.
It is true with the whole body, but that will be better too!

02-01-2019 the pups of nadja are already 2 weeks old, and grow well, real fatteners! 
26-12-2018 Already a wek old, going strong..

19-12-2018 The pups of Nadja (Rosaceae Tweedia) X Delphi (RosaceeŽn Hippurus) are born, they are 3 females and 3 males, mother and pups are doing well
18-10-2018 Today Nadja (Rosaceae tweedia: rosaceae zea X amicus optimus antonius) was mated by Delphi (Rosaceae Hippurus: zir ozzy's pretty women of tulips X namupalan bling baiser fils).

Both parents are HD-A, LPN1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, eye test, character test, breeding selection test.COI of the litter 10 generations 3.64, 30 generations  27,.2.