Rosaceeen J-litter 2018

11-07-2018 just nose to nose with the neighboring ponies.

The weather is still hot, but we get used to  it, so we keep on playing and running.


16-06-2018 cozy weather visit with the pups, nice under the trees because it is warm again


Again visitors today, afterwards walking on the lawn.





The pups realy like the big field..


02-06-2018 today a busy day for the pups because the new owners came to watch / play / touch them, but they liked it a lot! Pappa Bodo also came to neighborhoods, and is on a photo with his daughter.


The pups went outdoors for the first time. They liked it very much.

17-05-2018 In, the next phase we can eat ourselves, but we still like to drink milk from our mms ; juwel en deville

12-05-2018 For the first time beef. That is good!!

Allready a week older. They grow well.



Juwel 's (Rosaceae Zannichellia) pups have also been born, 4 girls and 3 boys.Stud is Bodo ( Rosaceae Durio).