Rosaceae I-litter 2016



Happy it wasn't too hot today.
Had a reunion of the h- and i- litters 2016. The young ones did very well.

04-12-2016 Excellent weather, still have some fun, today 8 pups go to their new owners.


27-11-2016 Agaion a lot of vistors giving lot sof hugs. .


25-11-2016 No matter how big, one likes to be togehter.


24-11-2016 Nice autum weather, a nice walk on the lane.


20-11-2016 Many puppy vistors today, in spite of the storm

12-11-2016 New photos of the pups.



07-11-2016 The pups grow like cabbages. They eat meat (chicken/salmon/meta balls/ricemix with 20 herbs) from plates. And of course they suck from their mothers.

29-10-2016 AJuwel's pups Already nearly 3 weeks old and eating from the big bowl.
The whole body eats, nothing is better than sitting in meat and milk.
Aisja's pups get alreadyy meat balls, boy do theyt like it!


24-10-2016 hotos of the i-litter




Juwel's pups are 11 days old, they grow well.
Just like Aisja's pups, they are 7 days old.





Aaisja ( rosaceae rosa) X harvest ( skjaergaardens harvest of elfheim )
pups have been born. They are 1 male and 2 females.
Mother and pups are doing well.



Made ultrasounds today of Aisja ( Rosaceae rosa) and Juwel
( Rosaceae zannichellia).
Both are pregnant.  So  very happy with this news!

13-08-2016 We drove a little into France to a great partner for Ayesha (Rosaceae Rosa HD-A, LPN 1 & 2 N / N, eye test OK, FSK NL)
Ayesha has been mated by Harvest (Skjaergaardens harvest for elfheim LPN 1 & 2 N / N. HD-A, FSK FR).
In about 4 we'll don an ulttrasound tto know if this lady in joyful expectation.