Rosaceeen H-litter 2016.



Marvelous wdather, 26 C, a bit hot for the pups but berable in the shadow. 

Prachtig mooi weer, 26 graden, wel wat warm voor de pups , maar in de schaduw goed uit te houden.




It's spring, the sun is shining and the puppies can play on the field.




Luckely the weather wasn't too bad, so the pups could nicely run an sniff outside.
There is still a male pup available.



A busy day for the 4 weeks old  pups, the newx owners came to visit. A lot of playing and hugging.




new pictures of the puppies, they are growing well and are getting more fun every day: nipping, playing and walking around is getting more every day.
See rosaceae g-litter 2016 and rosaceen h-litter 2016



The pups are already 2 and 3 weeks old. Chiqane's litter enjoys already their meat balls (4 times per day), they drink hot milk afterwards, but that isn't a big succes yet.

Muze's pups start to walk around, trhey get their first meat balls tomorrow.



New photos of the Rosaceeen H-litter..
The pups grow well, the mother is fantastic. .



Muze's ( zir ozzy’s pretty women von tulips) pups x Helki ( namupalan bling baiser fils) have been born.

We have 5 males and 2 females, mother and pups are doing well.


12-02-2016 Suspense.............. made ultrasounds today of chigane ( cleo's mambo millie van de kentering) and muze  ( zir ozzy's pretty women von tulips).
Both are pregnant!!
We are so happy.
Echo chigane

Echo Muzez


Did a round of France thnis weekend (2800 km).to have two females mated.
Both were luckily mated by nice males.
Today CHIQANE ( cleo’s mambo millie van de kentering) was mated by  HARVEST ( skjaergaardens harvest for elfheim).