For over 40 years we have been sharing our home and our lives with Leonbergers.
Yvonne, Henk and daughter Roos.

Naturally, our Leonbergers live in our house and the leonberger puppies are born and raised in our house.
After 5 weeks they go outside during the day, in a very spacious covered outdoor area (8 x 14 meters), the same outdoor area with a contiguous meadow of half a hectare, enough space to be able to meet the necessary muscle development.
If leonberger pupps cannot do this, it often does not go well (hips are formed by sufficient movement).

In this space there is an abundance of toys (many stimuli), by a music studio we have had 5 CDs made with many sound stimuli such as the arrival hall of Schiphol, crying babies, screaming monkeys, thunderstorms, fireworks, roar of engines, and much more. .
We run this all day long, the puppies are sleeping peacefully under this noise; in short, many incentives from an early age, and a lot in their hands to allow them to grow up as socially as possible.

Up to 7 weeks the leonberger puppys come back in in the evening to hear house noises and sleep, after that the space inside the living room becomes too small, and they continue to sleep outside, but every day after a walk   back inside.
The Rosaceae leonbergers are carefully composed combinations in which health, character and quality are paramount, so that breeding material often has to come from abroad, are a household name in the Netherlands and far beyond.

Many Rosaceae dogs achieved championship titles: 22 Dutch Champion, 8 International Champion, 28 Dutch Junior Champion, 2World Champion,s 8 Luxembourg Champion, 8 German Club Champion, 8 VDH Champion, 3 Belgian Champion, 1 Irish Champion, 2 Spanish Champions, 1 Swedish Champion, 1 Norwegian Champion and 1 Canadian Champion,  11 German Landesgruppe winner of winners including Leonberg. In 2021 at the world Leonberger Championship a youth world champion and a senior world champion.

Besides maintaining and where necessary improving health and character, breeding a beautiful Leonberger is a priority in our program.
We have puppies on average twice a year, which are naturally perfectly raised and socialized with a lot of love.
We breed with HD approved parent animals, our Leonberger undergoes the official eye test EVCO, LPN1&2, LPPN3 and LEMP tests and a character and conformation test from the Leonberger association.

Males from our breeding are available for suitable bitches, you will find them on the page “our males”, for our breeding plans we refer you to the page/button  “Leonbeger  puppies”.

Exhibition results of Rosaceae dogs can be found on the news page .

Photo left Makoum Haroseth is the foundation mother of the Rosaceae kennel.
Photo on the right Rosaceae Amaranthus, Dutch champion, international champion, world champion German champion and VDH champion, from our first litter.