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The puppies of Bubbles and Marlowe were born on the 24th May 2024.
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40 Years of leonberger breeding are a household name at home and abroad.
Rosaceae leonberger puppies are born from combinations put together with great care and passion, where health, character and quality from tested parents at home and abroad are paramount.

The leonberger puppies are born in the house and stay there until 5 weeks of age, after which the leonberger puppies go outside during the day in a covered outdoor area with an adjacent piece of meadow
where they can run and play to their hearts’ content with lots of stimuli, such as noises, play equipment, people, occasionally other dogs, etc.

Always back inside at night to experience house sounds ; music, TV, etc.

All this makes for well-socialised leonberger puppies, which get to know all kinds of noises, stimuli and lots and lots of contact with people and children, making the leonberger puppy very people-oriented.

For questions and information about a Leonberger puppy you can always mail us info@rosaceae-leonbergers.nl or call 0612032732 / 0487572914